PLF stands for Precision Livestock Farming. PLF uses today's technology to improve the productivity of your herd. PLF consists of tools to help you gather data on each individual animal, in order to let you cull your least productive animals and profit from your most productive ones.

PLF looks at reproduction, health, growth, kill-out performance and other characterisitcs.

Take for example reproduction. If you hold 100 ewes with a lambing rate of 120, this might be because 40 ewes produce twins (that's 80), another 40 produce singlets (that adds up to 120) and the remaining 20 produce nothing at all. If you could cull those 20 and replace them with the average ewe, your lambing would shoot up to 150! (50 ewes with twins and 50 with singles). The difference to your bottom line between 120 or 150 is huge.

PLF will help you identify your least productive animals. PLF is applicable to sheep, goats, cattle, deer, pork and other red-meat species.

For an introduction to PLF and how it can help your business, please download the attached pdf file.