To link the Able AP1300 BT printer to the X7, please take the following steps:

1. In the main menuu of the HCR, choose [8. Settings], password 080808 + OK.

2. Next, choose [9. Close]

3. In Windows, click on the area where it says Phone, Wifi and BT

4. In the connectivity menu, choose down, right: Menu > Bluetooth settings

5. Add new device. Switch on the AP1300 and the screen should provide the option to connect to ASL-Ap1300-BT 

6. Click on Next and enter Password is 1234 + Next

7. Choose Finish. This will return you to the Bluetooth Settings menu. 

8. On the bottom, choose COM ports. Click on New Outgoing Port

9. Select ASL ap1300-BT + Next

10. A dropdown shows, starting with COM0. You have to scroll to COM9 + Finish

11. The printer is now connected. Close this menu, press Done and go to Start > Litams HCR

12. Test the printer by printing one of the mobs. To enter the print menu, click on the mob number, not the mob name.