PLF (Precision Livestock Farming) is all about collecting and applying data per animal. The HCR (Handheld Connected Reader) is your digital notebook. Our most popular model is the C-ONE, a ruggedized smartphone with a built-in RFID reader.

The HCR will let you collect data of each individual animal. This can be literally per animal, for example when weighing cattle in the crush. Scan the tag, enter the weight and you're set. Or when you see a ewe which is suffering from mastitis. Scan the tag and record "mastitis". You may also immediately record its treatment.

It's also possible to collect data per mob. When treating a mob with a drug, the HCR will allow you to select the mob and apply the treatment to all members of that mob with one simple entry. All information is sent into the cloud in real-time. When you're drafting sheep for dispatch to the processor, the HCR will help you to avoid drafting animals who are still in their withholding period. 

The HC can be linked to virtually any weighing and drafting system. You'll probably need a ConnectBox for that. Please contact us for more information about integrating you're existing weighing and drafting systems into a full precision farming solution.