• Invoice = either Buyer Created Invoice (aka Remittance) or a Sales Invoice. 
  • A Buyer Created Invoice provides a summary of stock purchased by the abattoir and priced against the pricing terms and conditions agreed in the PO (i.e. the pricelist or the grid)
  • A Sales Invoice provies a summary of revenues for the abattoir for service kills, against the pertinent pricelist for a service kill customer.
  • PO = Purchase Order
  • PO status = The status of a PO is depending on the workflow. A PO can be OPEN, meaning the buyer is waiting for the stock to be delivered; RECEIVED which means that stock has arrived at the plant; PROCESSED means that kill out data is available; INVOICED means that a concept invoice has been created, or FIRM which means that the invoice is definitive. 

Create an Invoice

  • Required: a PO + Kill Out Data
  • Open the PO, check the data and click on "Invoice". This creates a CONCEPT invoice.
    • NOTE: we recommend that the invoice stays DRAFT until the supplier has agreed with the invoice and the moneys have been paid.
    • CONCEPT Invoices can be deleted. Open the invoice, make sure you're on the General tab and click delete. Confirm with OK. After deleting the invoice, the PO will become unlocked. This means you can edit the PO and create a new concept invoice.

Edit an Invoice

  • Invoices cannot be edited! However, you can edit the underlying data. Delete the invoice and make changes to the PO, the pricing, costs and the related kill-out data. 
  • DRAFT invoices can be moved back to the status PROCESSED by deleting the invoice. This can be done in the screen with the pertinent Purchase Order of in the screen with the pertinent (Draft) Invoice. Simply hit the delete button. Deleting the invoice will NOT delete the PO.

Delete an Invoice

  • DRAFT invoices can be deleted. This unlocks the PO, allowing for editing of data.
  • Once an invoice has moved to the status INVOICE it cannot be deleted or altered.