LM has superb reporting capabilities. Reports can consists of “Notes” (eg purchase order notes; delivery confirmation notes; etc), “Documents” (eg Invoice; Price List; etc) and emails (all of the above per email).

LM can be set to automatic mode for reports. Reports can be printed (single copy or n-copies) and/or emailed (including cc and bcc) or stored as PDF to a folder on the server. Reports can be linked to particular steps in the workflow. Reports can also be linked to recipients. For example, LM allows to select producers who want to receive the remittance by email, versus those who’d like to receive a printed copy.

It’s also possible to create customer specific reports (see Step 4).



To create reports, four steps are required.


Step 1: Create rdl template

A number of templates are available. These can be used or modified. It’s also possible to create new rdl files. Place the .rdl files in the folder “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\lm\Report” and after linking the report as per step 2 in your guide the report deploys automatically to SSRS?


Step 2: Link rdl to Report Type

LM has pre-defined report types. Please view the list at References > Config & Settings > Reports > New Line item > Report Types.


Essentially, each report type here is a step in the workflow of LM which may require the printing/emailing/storing of a note/document/email. This includes such steps as Order Acknowledgement, Confirmation of Arrival, Kill Agenda and Remittances.

In References > Config & Settings > Reports > New Line item the appropriate rdl file needs to be linked to the Report-Type (i.e. the reporting point in the workflow).

When a report is linked to a step in workflow, the button “Print” will appear in the pertinent screen.


Step 3: Printing and Emailing

There are several ways to print and/or email reports.

A. Manually: hit the print button. This allows the user to create a PDF, print the document (via the network printer) or email the report.
Note: the server’s networked printers can be linked to reports in References > Config & Settings > Printers.  Via References > Config & Settings > Users it is possible to link printers to users. When no networked printers are available, the user may opt to create a pdf and print the pdf on the local printer.


B. Automatically. When email addresses are available, LM will email designated reports, such as remittances and invoices. It is possible to set LM such that a report is both emailed and printed. The number of printed copies is default 1.

To change the number of printed copies, or add a storage location for PDF files, and/or add a cc-address to the emails, go to References > Config & Settings > Settings > Invoice Settings.




Step 4. Customer Specific Reports

For those customers that require specific reports (for example service kill customers who want to receive the kill-out sheet), it is possible to define customer specific reports. This can be done in Companies.