It is possible to create BCIs from excel imports. To upload an excel sheet with Kill Out Data, go to Purchase Order > Registrations. Select purchase order line, followed by Import.


Please note that LM requires a certain structure, as defined hereunder.

1. Lines

When defining which excel sheet to upload, LM asks for which lines. This is convenient when, for example, the first three lines contain headers, and lines 75 and further contain kill out data of a different booking class (or different supplier). In this example, choose lines 4 through 74.

2. Columns.

The excel sheet should have the following columns

A = Kill Date

B = Weight

C = Fat

D = Lean

E = Sex

F = Grade

G = Bodynumber (kill sequence)

H = (not used)

I = (not used)

J = (not used)

K = Health remarks (multiple comments can be entered when separated by ";")