The LPA National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) is part of the industry’s commitment to food safety and product integrity. This eNVD is provided on a trial basis, to replace the paper NVD for those recipients which are listed in your addressbook.


Waybills are required when stock is moved in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Northern Territory (NT), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Western Australia (WA) and Tasmania (TAS). The completion of Part B of this combined LPA NVD/waybill is optional in those States where waybills are not required. In other States, a paper declaration covering Part B will be required. The Northern Territory (NT) only accepts an NT waybill as its mandatory movement document; it does not accept the LPA NVD/Waybill.  In all cases, the Serial Number needs to be copied to the waybill.


Standalone waybills will continue to be available from relevant regulatory authorities, and their use is preferable if only a waybill is required. Producers must provide a copy of this document for all stock they move to another property or offer for sale or slaughter, and to request a correctly completed copy or post sale summary when buying livestock.



How to create an eNVD

To create an eNVD, you’ll first need to create a mob. Next you’ll need to choose the Sell menu to sell this mob and select “Add transaction”.

On the top of the page, verify the Consignor PIC (“the sender”) and the species. Select the mob from the moblist. Choose the Consignee PIC (“eNVD Dest”), where needed add a Delivery Destination (“Delievery Dest”). Confirm quantity and provide details on type of stock, breed, month of shearing, number of rumen, and PICs on tag. Select the trucker from the addressbook (optional) and fill out rego (optional). Confirm hours of feed and water.

If you’ve pre-answered the integrity questions, check off the box when the answers are still valid. To review or modify the answers, please click on Vendor Dec. Answers to eligibility questions are provided from the app however. (pic). Any additional comments can be added too. Finally you can add additional (statutory) documentation as an attachment, when stored on your device or by making a picture of the document.


Create for each mob you dispatch a separate eNVD.


Answer all items accurately. Any false, misleading or unverified statements may result in prosecution and/or civil action. If you rely on the document to verify future claims about purchased stock, then the stock should be identifiable against their accompanying document. The cost of any residue testing required or undertaken in

response to information given on the document is a commercial matter between the vendor and buyer (except where industry funds such testing).