24 September 2015

Dear eNVD Trial Participant

RE: Electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) Field Trial

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), on behalf of SAFEMEAT, is undertaking a field trial (Trial) to assess the capacity of the cattle, sheep, and goat industries to adopt the eNVD solution, a national electronic livestock declaration system for national vendor declarations (NVDs) and waybills.

The project will evaluate the practical implementation of the eNVD solution, which will include the testing of operational and administrative business rules, eNVD software, and the underlying technology platform.

By trialling the eNVD solution through a number of supply chains, this project will assess the opportunities and barriers associated with the proposed solution. Importantly, this assessment will be enhanced by the testing of the solution in commercial conditions. The project will identify practical operational issues that need to be addressed in a range of commercial and geographic conditions, and will provide an opportunity for solutions to be identified and refined.

For the Trial, MLA is working with a number of livestock software integrators (Service Providers) who will be contacting you for your involvement in the Trial and will be providing you with eNVD software and technical support to trial this solution. These Service Providers will be your first contact point for the Trial. If necessary, you will also be able to contact the eNVD trial coordinator, Daniel Meehan on 0419 652 617 and envdsupport@mla.com.au.

This letter does not constitute a contract between you and MLA, or indicate a commitment by MLA to proceed with implementation of the eNVD solution. The Trial is for evaluation purposes only and MLA may suspend or modify the Trial at any time.

By participating in the Trial, your contact information will be collected by Service Providers and provided to MLA for Trial assessment purposes only. All arrangements related to the use of eNVD software will be based on agreements between you and Service Providers. Your participation in the Trial is at your own risk.

I would like to thank you for your participation in this Trial. It is important that the eNVD solution is tested in a fully commercial and operational environment by the people who will ultimately use it.

Kind Regards,

Dr Christine Pitt

General Manager Value Chain Innovation